Enterprise Risk Management

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In this era of digital transformation, big questions such as these are inevitable for business executives: Does my company have to monitor the health of devices accessing network? In case of system failure, do we have clear DR scenarios? Are our employees trained on recognizing phishing emails? Does our system comply with security standards? Does our staff have adequate security awareness education?


Whether in Energy, Oil & Gas, Banking & Finance, Aviation, or Healthcare, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has become a top priority for your organization. With the growing interest in ERM worldwide, industry and government regulatory bodies, as well as investors, have begun to scrutinize companies’ risk-management policies and procedures and boards of directors are now required to review and report on the adequacy of risk-management processes in the organizations they administer.


Backed up by extensive experience in ERM best practices, a matchless after-sale service and a reliable support lifecycle, ALTERNA helps you shift your corporate culture from one that focuses on meeting IT compliance requirements to one that targets overall risk reduction with ample visibility into the overall security of your organization.

Advanced Security Programs for Enterprises

ALTERNA provides its Security Assessment Program (SAP) to ensure that necessary controls are integrated into the design and implementation of security policies within any organization. A properly completed security assessment will provide documentation outlining any security gaps between the current state and the desired security maturity level through approved corporate security policies as shown in the following.


Infrastructure Security Assessment

  • Site Survey
  • Baseline Security Assessment
  • Gap Analysis based on Critical Security Controls
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Management
  • Configuration Audit and Re-Design


Organizational Security Assessment

  • IT Human Resources Evaluation
  • IT Organization Chart Assessment
  • IT Employees Interviews
  • IT Employees R & R
  • IT Training & Awareness Plan


Application Security Assessment

  • Review of Core Applications
  • Security Maintenance of Applications
  • Custom Secure Code Review


Physical Security Assessment


  • Review Current Layouts
  • Full Site Survey
  • Onsite Surveillance Survey for All Locations

Large organizations and governments may operate Security Monitoring, Controlling and Analytics Systems to manage different groups of information and communication technologies or to provide redundancy in the event one site is unavailable. ALTERNA offers this service, for instance, by using managed security services. Our solution is focused on monitoring and maintaining the overall network infrastructure, and its primary function is to ensure uninterrupted network service, protect networks, as well as websites, applications, databases, servers and data centers and other technologies.

Identity and Access Management is the service of controlling information pertaining to users on computers. Such information includes the identity of a user, and describing actions user are authorized to access and/or perform. It also includes the management of descriptive information about the user and how and by whom that information can be accessed and modified. Managed entities typically include users, hardware and network resources and even applications.

As your digital transformation continues, Data Security, Privacy, Protection and Classification should be an enabler of competitiveness and change, not an inhibitor. While the threat of a data leak to operational continuity, brand value and customer trust cannot be totally eradicated in this digital landscape, it can be mitigated if handled correctly. It is a strategic and enterprise-wide task involving key businesses and stakeholders, including IT, Security, HR and Legal. Data protection efforts should be consistent with your digital transformation and cybersecurity strategies and focus on both personal and critical data assets.

Data Classification

Professional Consulting Security Programs

IT Governance, risk management, and compliance are three related facets that help assure any IT organization reliably achieves objectives, addresses uncertainty and acts with integrity. ALTERNA provides full IT GRC program including IT Quality Management Service.

ALTERNA provides a Managing Operational resilience management solution that includes all the practices of Disaster Recovery planning, integrating, executing, and governing activities to ensure that an entity can identify and mitigate operational risks that could lead to service disruptions before they occur and prepare Business Continuity Management System according to ISO 22301:2012 standards to disruptive events (realized risks) in a manner that demonstrates command and control of incident response and service continuity.


In addition, ALTERNA provides outsourced Security and Operation for instance, by using a managed service approach.

Information security awareness is one of several key principles of information security. Information security awareness seeks to understand and enhance human risk behaviors, beliefs and perceptions about information and information security while also understanding and enhancing organizational culture as a countermeasure to rapidly evolving threats.


Therefore, ALTERNA provides a security awareness process that helps to design and implement a corporate level awareness program for users inside and outside the organization, a suitable level of safety program which is a vital need to promote and enforce a full scale awareness especially with obvious business and environmental threats, and security awareness roles to cover staff members on IT levels as well as external users as vendors, partners and others who communicate with the organization.