Data Center solutions

Protect your IT environment


ALTERNA Team provides expert installation and technical support services on all major Linux distributions including RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, Debian or Ubuntu. We have in-depth experience in solving all types of Linux and network related problems and will work with your organization to provide a cost effective and expert solution to any Linux related need.


Beyond monitoring, we install, configure and manage your resources. We perform preventive actions resulting in high availability. We do root cause analysis and work with you to optimize your resources. This service can reduce IT operating costs considerably, while keeping your IT environment secure and running at top performance.


ALTERNA’s services encompass all of the services and facility-related components or activities that support the implementation, maintenance, operation, and enhancement of a Data Center which is an environment that provides processing, storage, networking, management and the distribution of data within an enterprise.

Our services include the following:

Backup solution consultation & implementation

Backing up is critical at any level of computing, and dozens of backup/recovery technologies and products are in use to address this need. Unfortunately, many legacy solutions are more expensive to maintain and operate than to replace, and many backup products adopted without careful planning fail to deliver the availability and protection a business really needs. ALTERNA’s extensive team of IT experts can provide support to help you manage or deploy popular backup/restore products for all major operating systems and any network topology.

Linux Implementation

ALTERNA team can also provide online access to IT engineers with expertise in a wide range of products and technologies for backing up Windows, and Linux/UNIX servers and desktops as well as laptops. ALTERNA team can help you design, enhance, or troubleshoot backup systems for a variety of architectures including local, edge to datacenter, across premises.


In addition, ALTERNA’s certified VMware consultants and Citrix specialists can show you how to follow leading practices to deploy virtualization technology for continuous transparent backup and ultra-fast recovery.

Servers & storage consultation & implementation

ALTERNA team will analyze your businesses requirements and applications to determine the best solution for server performance and corresponding storage requirements, before documenting and building a best practice, best-of-breed solution to fulfil your needs. Our recommendations and designs are tailored to meet the needs of the end customer, driven by their size and business strategy. With regards to storage, this will be right-sized for your business, to ensure regulatory compliance legislation (where appropriate), integrity, availability and protection of data. The solution determined will depend upon your specific business requirements but may include a mixture of NAS and SAN solutions being recommended, along with full replication across DC or into the Cloud for additional resilience and availability. ALTERNA team have designed and deployed HP, DELL EMC and IBM storage solutions to complement our clients network and server environments.


With hardware being so critical as server or storage devices, ALTERNA team will also recommend the ideal redundancy options, from disk mirroring and RAID solutions right through to live server replication, active disaster recovery and failover scenarios.


Servers and storage devices are amongst the most critical components on your businesses network, since they store and maintain the critical data that enables your organization to function. As such, ALTERNA will be happy to perform a thorough review of your backup and disaster recovery plans any time we are asked to design server and storage solutions.

Data center facility management services

The data center is at the heart of an organization providing vital access to and around-the-clock availability of IT systems and services and requiring a significant allocation of resources to ensure performance and reliability. Maximizing investments and achieving cost savings are critical business imperatives.


ALTERNA team provide a full suite of offerings to manage the entire lifecycle of a data center. Our innovations in areas such as design, enhance, develop, optimize, and service management give clients a competitive edge in environmental sustainability and network security.

Virtualization Consulting Services

Businesses are moving towards virtualization technology as a way to capitalize on server utilization and considerably diminish the number of systems they have to support and manage. With decades of experience in managing, optimizing, securing, and supporting intricate, mission-critical data center environments for top businesses, ALTERNA team are inimitably fit to impartially evaluate, design, execute and support the right virtualization solution to meet your IT requirements and business goals. We take a holistic view of a company’s environment and support the complete virtualization technology life cycle right from planning and valuations to design and operation along with constant management, training, and support.


We can help you get more out of your hardware investments with the use of virtualization technologies from Microsoft and Citrix. We can build flexible, scalable, and economical environments to host your useful applications – on-premises or in the Cloud, as we provide the following:

We analyze your work environment to determine whether virtualization will work for you. Our certified team of experts works closely with each client to scrutinize their existing IT environment and talk over their business needs and technical objectives to decide whether it makes sense to leverage the virtualization technology.


In this phase, we inspect and report on existing performance data including operation rates and current server capacities.

ALTERNA team of professionals can create bespoke end on virtualization solution that echoes the exclusive requests recognized in the business requirements phase. In order to transform the clients’ business needs into an efficacious architecture; we offer a comprehensive project plan that sketches the explicit servers to be virtualized and the complete strategy of the new environment.


Design and architect is focused on some specific servers, network and storage, infrastructure for consolidation and/or control, which is then reiterated for the targeted infrastructure for virtualization.

Our deployment team closely works with the customers to proficiently check, authenticate, configure, execute, and incorporate new infrastructure and transform physical machines to virtual machines, combine several virtual servers into a sole physical server. We implement rollout plan, conduct information transfer, and help company IT admins in post setup stage.


We also confirm that the recently provided infrastructure meets the performance norms recognized in the architect and design stage, by observing and fine-tuning for performance as essential. Lastly, the whole task is recognized as a process guide, which guides us in delivering future management and support.

ALTERNA has the capability and experience to offer various levels of modified operative support that blends with your current workforce and capabilities. We have skilled engineers and consultants with expertise in virtualization and associated technologies that can seam your team or can be delivered as a provisional resource for sustaining and management of your virtual environment.