Wireless Network

Ensure your network is running at its best


The overarching benefits for any business moving to an Infrastructure as a service model is the freedom and flexibility which can be achieved by removing the burden of IT and the significant cost savings.

Why use ALTERNA wireless network services?

As BYOD and enterprise mobility trends become increasingly common across all types of businesses, employees expect the same level off working flexibility and ubiquitous network access. With ALTERNA wireless network, resources can be access securely from anywhere provided there is a suitable Internet connection.

The pressure on Local Authorities to improve their approach to cyber-security has undoubtedly increased in recent years. With sensitive ‘corporate’ and public data to protect, Ensign’s outsources network security services give the public the peace-of-mind that their duty-of-care is maintained at all times.

Increasing reliance on network infrastructure for all manner of daily tasks, from the critical to the operational, unscheduled network downtime is damaging to both productivity and reputations. With Ensign managing your network remotely, any potential issues will be either mitigated before they have an impact, or in the most extreme cases, our technicians will be able to find-and-fix any faults before any significant loses in productivity.

Our services include the following

  • Implementing wireless network services using Aruba and CISCO solutions

Mobility Controllers offer centralized network engineering, IP services, security and policy controls. In addition to network control, they can be deployed as branch gateways, VPN concentrators, and stateful network firewalls with integrated content filtering.

With this service we provide a granular visibility into wired and wireless networks. By proactively monitoring the health and performance of all things connected, AirWave lets IT gain the insights they need to support the digital workplace.


Our team supports the delivery of high-performance applications and mission-critical solutions that simplify business operations and improve productivity.

We Support mobility services with a modular, licensed approach. So you can set up options based on your network topology or the types of services you offer.


The Analytics and Location Engine (ALE) works with WLANs to collect presence data about Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices while protecting personal privacy. This data is then integrated with third-party analytics solutions that translate it into actionable business intelligence.

Identifying who and what connects to the network is the first step to securing your enterprise. Control through the automated application of wired and wireless policy enforcement ensures that only authorized and authenticated users and devices are allowed to connect to your network.


ALTERNA Team help you securing the millions of wired ports that could be wide open to security threats. Because these devices may lack security attributes and require access from external administrative resources, apps or service providers, wired access now poses new risks.


  • Planning, designing, implementing mesh networks for areas which extending network cables.

  • Make project’s RFP for purchasing purpose

  • Provide Gap Analysis reports (coverage, location tracking, heatmaps, interference, security, etc…) using INSSIDER & Wi-Fi analyzer software.

  • Make a roadmap for customers (to match their business needs)

  • Present the Wireless latest technologies to the customers

  • Implementing new solutions over wireless (access control, Queuing system monitors, surveillance).

  • Making wireless site surveys for new sites.

  • Implementing new internal network for employees using 802.1x authentication for more accounting and implementing guest network using captive portal.